Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Coral's Official Introduction: What It's Like Having Two Dogs

Dear Pet People,

If you follow PetBling.ca on Facebook or Instagram, then you know that we welcomed a second dog into the family a number of months ago.

We already had Jake, a two year old golden retriever, and now, our family includes Coral!

Coral wearing her Glitter Daisy ID tag from PetBling.ca

Coral is the most wonderful little lady! She is loving, gentle, smart and extra cuddly.  She wakes up in a great mood every morning and does the cutest little shoulder roll and half somersault in the grass!

Coral was two years old when she joined the family.  She and Jake have celebrated their birthdays, so we now have two three year old golden retrievers. Think about that for a minute!

Coral and Jake. Notice how Jake is looking at Coral!

For years I knew I wanted to have two dogs in the family, but there's a lot to consider when deciding to get one dog - and even more to consider when thinking of adding dog number two.  

Prospective pet parents need to carefully consider a number of important factors: time, space, wear and tear on the house, financial commitment, and age, size and temperaments of both dogs. 

Since Jake is a large, active boy who loves to wrestle and play hard, I felt sure that a young, active girl would be a good match.  We were really lucky that Jake and Coral hit it off from the first minute they met. In the six months that we've had two dogs, I can say that I have not regretted my decision even once.  I love having two dogs!

Jake and Coral. Jake is wearing a Canadian Flag ID tag from PetBling.ca

Considering a Second Dog? My Experiences So Far...
  • Watching Jake and Coral play together is a complete joy. The whole family is entertained endlessly watching them wrestle and play together.
  • I already had to feed, potty, groom and train one dog, so now I just care for two dogs at the same time.
  • Jake was already a decent leash walker when Coral came home. This is a very important consideration, because I need to walk both dogs at the same time. It wasn't easy at first, but all three of us got the hang of it eventually!
  • Jake is a happier boy now. He was happy before Coral, but he is the type of dog who needed another dog in the family.
  • On a daily basis Coral and Jake are much more active as a pair because they wrestle and play at various times in the day. I think they are healthier because of the extra exercise.
  • The yard is a mess! Jake and Coral love to play in the backyard, and this has taken a huge toll on the  "grass" (a term I use loosely).
  • I have not felt a change in the bond at all between Jake and the family since the addition of Coral. The more, the merrier!
  • Going places with two dogs is a bit trickier now. Prior to Coral I used to take Jake on my own to dog friendly stores. At this point I need the help of another family member to shop with both dogs.
  • Coral and Jake's snugly moments give me the warm fuzzies!
Coral and Jake
"More" is a word that often comes to mind when I think about our life now as home to two large dogs: more hair, more dirt, more poo, more fun, more adorable moments, more love!

Enjoy your pets,


Friday, 16 September 2016

Visiting the Apple Orchard With Your Dog? Read These Tips

Dear Pet People,

A visit to the apple orchard is an annual tradition for many of us. Including our dogs in the outing can be a great, memory making experience. While it's smart to check beforehand, many orchards are pet friendly and welcome well mannered and leashed dogs. 

September and October are usually weather friendly for dogs - with the daytime temperatures being neither too hot nor too cold. It's a great opportunity for dogs to spend time with their family, and perhaps even make new friends. As well, the photo opportunities are endless, with blue skies and apple trees as the backdrop, so be prepared to capture great pictures.

Since some orchards are also home to farm animals who might be stressed by a close up visit from an unfamiliar dog, it's considerate to keep your dog by your side and well away from resident animals.

With apples come wasps and bees and they seem to be very bothersome during the fall season. A bee sting is painful, and some dogs are allergic to bee stings. 

This is something I learned the hard way when my own dog, Jake, once picked up an apple that had a wasp attached. Jake received a nasty sting inside his mouth. Keep an eye on any fallen apples your dog decides to grab and make sure wasps and bees are not attached!

Apples are a safe and healthy treat for dogs. They can be baked into dog cookies or served sliced and stuffed into a Kong with some peanut butter.

Every time your dog joins you on an outing - especially to unfamiliar places, it's important to make sure they have proper identification attached. All pets should wear an id tag on their collars with up to date phone and contact information engraved on the tag. PetBling.ca has a fantastic selection of custom id tags!

Apples, fresh air and your dog - it's a winning combination!

Enjoy your pets,


Thursday, 8 September 2016

Spotlight on Sparkle: Pet I.D. Tags

Dear Pet People,

A pet i.d. tag is an important and functional part of your pet's supply gear, but that doesn't mean it can't be pretty and showcase your pet's unique personality. Your pet's identification tag can be a fun and stylish accessory that accents the colour of their fur or co-ordinates with their collar.

Some of our most popular styles of tags at PetBling.ca are the glitter bone tags from K9 by Igloo. These high quality, durable tags are made from stainless steel and filled with glitter enamel and are available in seven different colours to suit every style conscious dog. 

purple glitter bone id tag

pink glitter bone id tag

The glitter bone dog tags can be custom engraved with two lines of text and are best suited for medium and small dogs and puppies.

I have seen the dark blue glitter bones on white dogs and think they look fantastic! 
dark blue id tag

As well, the red glitter bones are a perfect choice for the Christmas season, making a custom engraved id tag a wonderful dog gift.

red glitter id tag

Every dog with a sparkling personality will enjoy wearing these adorable and unique identification tags!

Enjoy your pets,



Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Pets Pose With Their PetBling: Part 2

Dear Pet People,

We are excited to present some cute pictures of pets proudly wearing their PetBling gear! 

Our gorgeous boy, Jake, was happy to model his Canadian Flag id tag:

Earlier Jake modelled his birthday boy bandana:

Koby looks amazing in his id tag:

This very cute cat is named Jackie and she is wearing a small pink glitter heart tag:

Look how gorgeous this girl looks in her glitter daisy id tag:

Harry looks terrific in his rockin' doggie guitar pick tag:

Thanks for sending in your pictures! You can also share your pictures on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/petblingca

Enjoy your pets,


Tuesday, 5 April 2016

New ID Tags: Is Your Pet An Angel or A Mischief Maker?

Dear Pet People,

Pets seem to have lots of moods, just like their human companions.

Those of us who share our homes with animals know that sometimes they can be darling little angels...

... while other times they can be completely mischievous monkeys!

Some days my own two dogs wake up and want to investigate every nook and cranny in the house and find long lost hidden treasures. While other days they are the sweetest, easiest to manage puppies ever.

PetBling.ca has two new tags from K9 by Igloo in stock that will be perfect for your little angels and mischief makers.

The Angel ID tag is sized perfectly for dogs and cats. This tag is imported from England and features pastel pink enamel with silver lettering.

The new Mischief Maker ID tag is now available in both large and small sizes. Also imported from England, this tag has crayon red enamel paint and silver lettering. 

We have found that our line of custom engraved id tags from K9 by Igloo are very durable and long lasting tags - perfect for active dogs and cats alike!

Enjoy your pets,


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Tips For a Pet Friendly Hallowe'en

Dear Pet People,

Hallowe'en is just a little over a week away and the PetBling family is slowly but surely getting ready for the big night.

I would love our big boy, Jake, to dress in some kind of elaborate costume.  Like this...

or even this..

... but he's not having it. At all.  The most Jake will wear in the spirit of dress-up is a bandanna...

 Bandannas from PetBling.ca
Jake wearing his Birthday Boy scarf from PetBling.ca

... which is okay. We chose a really cute jack-o-lantern style scarf for him and he'll look festive and cute.

Jake likes Hallowe'en. He loves visitors, isn't upset by constant knocks on the door, isn't fazed by costumes or small children who want to pet him, however, not all dogs are comfortable with Hallowe'en festivities. 

I've got a few tips to help keep your dog or cat safe and more calm during trick-or-treat night:

- Pets who become frazzled by repeated knocks at the door or the sight of people in costumes and masks may be better off in a separate room with the t.v. or radio left on.

- When answering the door to little superheroes, ghouls and vampire cheerleaders, make sure your pet cannot squeeze past the kids and out the door.

- If your neighbourhood is one the goes all out with decor, spooky music and lights and fog machines, perhaps walk your dog before the evening activities ramp up.

- Moms and Dads often like to sample the Hallowe'en goodies, but be sure your furry friends can't get into the treats. I think we all know by now that chocolate is very bad for dogs. Lately I've read a number of articles talking about the serious dangers of xylitol (a sugar substitute).

- Don't keep lit jack-o-lanterns or candles within reach of your pets.

- If your pet doesn't enjoy being dressed up, let it go... I think making your pet wear a costume when they really don't want to unsettles them and sets a bad tone for the evening.

- IDs pleeeaaassse! It's a great idea to have your dog or cat wear their collars and id tags during Hallowe'en evening - even if they don't normally wear them inside. Just in case. Having up-to-date information on your pet's tags or microchip increases the chance of having him returned to you in case they escape and become lost.

PetBling.ca has some really great glow-in-the dark id tags:

 glow in the dark id tag
 glow in the dark tag

and reflective collars:

 reflective collar

I hope you all have a fantastic Hallowe'en - save some Mars bars for me!

Enjoy your pets,


Friday, 27 March 2015

5 Tips For Spring Cleaning When You Have A Dog

Dear Pet People,

Cleaning when you have a dog (especially a big dog who sheds) sometimes feels like shoveling during a blizzard.

I've talked before about some spring cleaning tips I use when the seasons change, but now that a very large, hairy golden retriever has joined our family, I have a few other things to add.

Matt, Towels and Baggies

Jake, our almost 2 year old golden loves long walks, mud puddles, rolling in the grass and dirt.  His big paws are magnets for all the grit and sand the city lays downs in the winter. A large mat at the front door is an absolute must, as are towels for drying the big puppy.  I use a baggie filled with water to rinse Jake's paws when he comes in from his walks.


Warmer weather means that our dogs can be brushed outside, which really cuts down on the loose hair that floats throughout the house.  A good brush out followed by a thorough bath is on the spring cleaning to-do list for our dog.  

If you bathe your dog at home, be sure to choose an appropriate shampoo formulated for your dog.  Some dogs have extra dry skin or skin allergies and need a special shampoo.

As part of your dog's regular grooming, don't forget about the teeth, ears and nails.  Also, do remember to trim the fur in between the pads on your dog's feet.  It's more comfortable for the dog and it will help to lessen the dirt that gets brought into the house.

Health Check

As spring arrives, chances are you and your dog will be spending more time outside.  Now is the perfect time to check with your vet to make sure your dog is up to date with his or her vaccinations, and that you have a plan in place to deal with fleas and ticks.

Update Emergency Information

Spring is also a great time to check that the information on your pet's id tag is up to date and legible. If your dog is microchipped, also be sure that the information on the microchip is also current.

Our friend Frankie in her pink glitter bone id tag.

House Cleaning

Many people tackle some large cleaning projects in the spring.  It's really important to keep cleaning products away from your pets, since many are toxic and harmful if licked or ingested.

If you're like me and love to throw open windows and doors to let the fresh air in, also make sure that your pet is secure and cannot escape.

Since we seem to have a lot of muddy paw prints coming through the door at this time of the year - even though Jake's paws are rinsed and dried when he comes in from outside - I have two light-weight cleaning tools I just love.  For a quick vacuum, I use an upright stick vacuum and for a quick kitchen tile mop, I use a steam mop with a disposable/washable cloth.  Both are perfect when time is tight and you just need a clean floor!

The muddy season will be over before we know it, and our dogs will be free to frolic and play outdoors and not return looking as though they have participated in some type of mud wrestling competition!

Enjoy your pets,