Sunday, 15 July 2012

Welcome to the Blog

Dear Pet People,

Welcome to the blog. is a Canadian online retailer of designer pet tags and accessories.  

I am often asked how began and the quick answer is thanks to a couple of gorgeous black and silver standard poodles named Millie and Zoe.  These two beautiful dogs belong to my daughter's piano teacher.

Each week while my daughter learns to play Beethoven, I get to visit with Millie and Zoe.  One day, I happened to notice their spectacular Union Jack dog id tags.  Being a huge fan of British paraphernalia, I had to find one of these tags for my own sweet boy, Harry (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel).

As it turned out, the Union Jack id tags were purchased in England. I visited every pet store close to me and scrolled through pages and pages of internet sites in search of Union Jack dog tags.  The only places where I could find these dog tags were in England.  I was thisclose to buying one, until I realized that shipping and customs meant that my $20 dog tag would end up costing well over $40 by the time it could be delivered to my home in Canada!

During my hours of internet searches of dog tags and accessories I came to realize that the Canadian market needed a place where pet owners could purchase unique, designer dog and cat tags - which could be engraved and shipped for free from within Canada.

And the rest, as they say, is history. encompasses my love for pets and my love for unique accessories.

I know you will love the dog and cat tags in stock at!  We also have extremely cute barrettes and bows for your furry friends.

My sweet boy Harry loves his new Union Jack id tag.

Enjoy your pets,