Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A Tail Wagging Good Time: Harry's Dog Party

Dear Pet People,

My dog, Harry turned 8 this week and we celebrated with a special doggy birthday cake and a little party. The recipe for the cake is here.  As with any great party, part of the fun is the recap.

Harry was on his best behaviour, and aside from wolfing down his share of the cake in five seconds flat, he didn't embarrass me with any 'Frat Boy' antics.

Here he is waiting for the cake.  It was Harry's own idea to hop onto one of the chairs.  I guess dogs who get birthday cakes don't have to sit on the floor.

Harry is wearing the Red Glitter Paw tag.  

Notice the expression of focus and patience giving way to frantic anticipation.  It's the same look he gives the pizza delivery guy.

Harry loved the cream cheese frosting.  Again, this cake looks good, but the human taste-tester (who prefers to remain anonymous) gagged when she took a bite.

Some action shots:

The cake was a bit/a lot chewy, which slowed him down a little.

We gave Harry a new chew toy at which point he ran inside to enjoy some chewing time - alone.  No diva type behaviour from this dog!

You can read my tips for planning your own dog birthday party here.

Enjoy your pets,