Monday, 24 September 2012

6 Tips: Choose The Best Info For Your Engraved Pet Tag

Dear Pet People,

One of the questions we often get at regards the important information pet owners need to include on id tags for their furry friends.  We recommend the minimalistic approach; the only information you really need to have engraved on your dog or cat's id tag is your pet's name and a contact phone number.  For privacy and security reasons, you may not want to put your address on your pet's tag.
Here are 6 tips to consider when choosing information to include on an engraved pet tag:

1. Your Pet's Name.  This is a must!  The person who finds your lost dog or cat needs to know the animal's name.  If your pet ever becomes lost and you decide to put up 'LOST' posters, as well as contacting animal welfare organizations, a name will aid in the identification and quick return of your dog or cat.  From your dog's perspective, being called by his or her name during a stressful 'I'm Lost!' situation will be comforting.

2. Contact Phone Number.  This is also a must!  It's wise to include the phone number where you can reliably be reached.  If you work for the majority of the day, and then have commitments after work, it's probably smarter to engrave your cell phone number on the tag than your home phone number.  Similarly, if you rarely answer your cell number, then putting your home phone number on your pet's tag makes more sense.  If space permits, you may choose to have a primary phone number and a back-up number.  Remember that if your phone numbers change, you will need to purchase a new tag for your dog or cat.

3. Medical Information. Some pets require daily medication in order to stay alive.  In this case, owners may wish to select an id tag that has room to engrave a medical alert message such as "needs medication" or "diabetic".  Special medical alert tags are available through online pet boutiques as well.

This medical alert tag is coming soon to

4.  Reward if Found.  This is a purely optional engraving choice.  Some pet owners feel that having a "Reward if Found" message will provide an additional incentive for the quick return of their dog or cat. 

5.  Spacing.  Some pet id tags are small. This means that the information that needs to appear on the engraved pet tag must be limited in order to produce the largest and most legible font size possible.  The phone number must be legible in order for it to be effective!

6. Capitals Produce Better Results.  It's true; when your pet's name is engraved in all uppercase letters the results are more legible.  However, the choice is personal and will engrave your pet id tag according to your specifications. 

For more information on engraving your pet's id tag, visit PetBling's FAQ section!

Enjoy your pets,