Monday, 1 October 2012

October Rocks: My Dog's Favourite Month!

Dear Pet People,

I cannot believe it's October!  

My dog, Harry, loves October.  If you asked him (and if he could answer), I'm sure he would tell you that October is his favourite month!  

Here are the top reasons why Harry loves October:

1. The Weather is Perfect.  The days are neither too hot nor too cold.  Harry wilts during the hot, humid days of July and hates the freezing cold weather that January dishes up. 

2. Fall Leaves.  Harry loves walking through fall leaves and shoving his nose deep into a pile of them!  I think the leaves are full of scent and Harry is all about scents.

3. Roasted Turkey.  I don't think there are many smells more enticing to a dog than a Thanksgiving turkey roasting in the oven.  Thanksgiving fills the house and the neighbourhood with a delicious aroma that has Harry camped out by the stove hoping for a bit of turkey. 

4. Work Gets Busier.  Harry's number 1 job is chasing away the squirrels and chipmunks that infiltrate our backyard as they prepare for winter.  Harry spends a fair amount of time camped out by the back door ready to spring into action to chase away intruders.  It keeps him busy!

5. Cuddles on the Couch.  As a family, we tend to spend more time relaxing indoors during October. Harry knows that he can always find a welcoming lap for some snuggles and cuddles.

6. Trick or Treaters. Harry refuses to wear a Hallowe'en costume and we refuse to give him candy, however, he loves Hallowe'en. Harry loves kids and kids love him!  We let him answer the door with us on Hallowe'en night and he gets lots of extra love from the neighbourhood kids.

Looking forward to a great month!

Enjoy your pets,