Friday, 2 November 2012

DIY Paw Print Art

Dear Pet People,

I've always thought that doggie paw prints are totally adorable!

My sweet boy, Harry, and I decided to get crafty last week and create some paw print art. 

Harry is wearing a Blue Prince Crown ID tag from

Well ... actually I decided to get crafty and Harry, who is the most accommodating dog ever, decided to humour me with this little art project.  We both got quite messy.  And one of us may have taken some sips of the paw rinse water - after it had turned blue from the paint.  But we are both pleased with the results!

To make your own paw print artwork you will need:

  • foam board from the dollar store 
  • an inexpensive frame (I picked up one from the Superstore for $5.)
  • non-toxic finger paint
  • small paper plate
  • paper towel
  • bowl of clear water to rinse your dog's paw after painting

Follow these steps to create a picture you will want to keep forever:

  • if your dog has furry paws carefully trim the fur on the bottom of your dog's foot
  • pour a small amount of finger paint onto the paper plate
  • dip your dog's foot in the paint. (You only want a small amount of paint on the foot or the paw prints will look gloppy.)
  • place your dog's paw on the foam board in a few spots
  • repeat until you have lots of paw prints
  • rinse your dog's paw in water until all the paint is off and pat dry

Give your dog a treat for being a good boy!

Once the paint is dry, cut the board into the size you want to frame.

Cost of project: less than $8
Time to complete project: less than 30 minutes 

Smiles when I think of blue paint all over Harry and me. Long puppy ears dragging through the paint. Harry trying to drink the blue rinse water. The completely confused look on Harry's face as he wondered what on earth we were doing: Priceless

Enjoy your pets,