Sunday, 9 December 2012

Gifts For Dogs: Harry's Favourites

Dear Pet People,

My dog loves getting gifts and we love giving gifts to him! 

In fact, Harry's sweet aunt just gave him a new furry stuffed animal. It may or may not have been a skunk; I'm not sure, because he loved that toy so much that it was destroyed within a few hours.

RIP skunk!

Even at the ripe old age of 8, Harry still loves nothing more than a new toy, new treats, and things that keep him entertained and comfortable.

With Harry's help, I've put together a list of gifts and treats that a senior dog - and other dogs - might enjoy. I've mentioned some products by name but, with the exception of, I have no affiliation with the companies.  These are things I have purchased (or plan to purchase) that my dog and I enjoy.

1. Treats

Harry loves the pumpkin pie wheat free treats made by Northern Biscuit Bakery, but the peanut butter ones are his all-time favourite.  Northern Biscuit Bakery has many different flavours of treats available, the ingredients are top-notch and they are made in Canada! 

President's Choice also makes dog treats for the holiday season.  The treats are grain free and come in a festive silver bone-shaped tin.  
These treats contain some ingredients - cane syrup and molasses - that may not be great for dogs' teeth, but I think they are probably fine for a special occasion.

2. Collapsible Travel Cup

Collapsible travel cups are a stroke of genius! An expandable travel cup folds flat and then pops up when you need to fill it with food or water. Some styles have clips that attach to your dog's leash, your backpack, a stroller, etc. Harry has the travel cup made by Popware for Pets. They are durable and BPA free.  We especially loved it this summer when Harry would need a drink during walks or visits to the park.

Several other companies also make collapsible travel cups. I've seen them everywhere from Canadian Tire to PetSmart.

3. New Collar

Harry needed a new collar this past summer. I chose a simple red collar from Smoochy Poochy (available in pet stores and online). Smoochy Poochy is also a Canadian company. His new collar is from their leather alternative selection and is perfect for dogs who like to swim because it is waterproof.

Harry's new Smoochy Poochy red collar. Glitter Paw Tag from

Harry is not a swimmer, but I like that the collar doesn't stretch out, doesn't stink when it gets wet, and is easy to clean.  It has worn well over these last 6 months and the colour has stayed bright and vibrant.

4. Antler Dog Chews

We treated Harry to an antler chew this summer. Antlers are naturally shed by elk, deer, moose etc. every year. These chews are a healthy and humane chew "toy". They won't splinter or shred and they are free from chemicals, dyes and preservatives.
While nothing can surpass a new furry skunk toy for enjoyment, Harry has enjoyed chewing his antler.  I like that I don't have to watch him every minute while he's gnawing on  the antler. I think antler chews would be great for heavy chewers.

5. Orthopedic  Bed

Orthopedic dog beds are comfy for any dog, but are especially nice for older dogs who have arthritis and other discomforts associated with old age.

Don't tell anybody, but Harry has been sleeping in the parents' bed for the last year, which gives him a lot of comfort.  However, if Harry wasn't bunking with us, I would definitely purchase a very thick orthopedic dog bed.

6. Designer ID Tag

Of course every dog (and cat) needs an up-to-date ID tag. It's a practical and pretty gift for your pets!
Rockin' Heart has the best selection of designer ID tags in Canada.

Enjoy your pets,