Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Glow in the Dark Dog Collars and Pet ID Tags at

Dear Pet People,

We've got some great new arrivals at! We now have glow in the dark dog collars and id tags!

Our glow in the dark id tags are available in two styles.  The bone shaped tag is a creamy white in the daylight, but once it's exposed to light for about half a minute it will glow during your nightly walk. 

Glow in the dark bone id tag from

The silver disc tag features a glow in the dark star. Like the bone tag, the star is creamy white during the day and then glows in the dark.

Glow in the dark disc tag from
Both of these tags are from our popular K9 by Igloo line and are imported from the UK.  The tags are made from silver plated nickle and can customed engraved with your pet's name and contact information. 

Our new glow in the dark collars are made by FurEver Brite.

FurEver Brite safety collars are made from non-hazardous silicone infused with a phosphorescent glow pigment that is activated after exposure to light.  After exposing the collar to light the collar will glow all night.  The collars are flexible, waterproof and adjustable.

It's important to note that while FurEver Brite safety glow collars are very strong, they are not meant to be used as your pet's primary collar.

Glow in the dark collars and tags are ideal for people who want to make their dogs more visible at night.  Glow in the dark collars can help prevent owners from tripping over their pets at night.

You can show everyone that your furry friend is the light of your life with a new glow in the dark id tag or collar!

Enjoy your pets,