Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Spring Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

Dear Pet People,

After a long winter, spring feels like the perfect time to clean, de-clutter and refresh our homes.  Pet owners know that once the "muddy season" leaves for good, the spring cleaning supplies can emerge from hibernation.

After years of living with a very hairy dog, there are a number of hot-spots in my house that need deep spring cleaning:

The Dog.  Once the yard no longer resembles a mud pit, I take my dog to the groomer for a professional bath, brush and grooming session.


Towels and Bedding.  While my dog is at the groomers, I use the time to wash his bedding, winter coat, and the towels I use to dry his paws and under belly.  I also pare down the number of towels I keep by the doors.

Toys.  Spring is a great time to do a quick inventory and inspection of the dog toys. I wash those that can be washed and toss the toys that show too much wear.  This is another job that's great to do when your dog is away from home so that he doesn't confuse you sorting his toys with an invitation to play!

Food and Water Area. Hopefully you wash your pet's bowls every day, but spring is a great time to wash the walls, floor and feeding mat around your pet's food and water dishes.

Doors.  My dog leaves muddy prints on the sliding glass doors, so those need a thorough cleaning.  Also, dog hair loves to collect in sliding tracks, so that area needs to be cleaned as well.  

Floors, Carpets, Furniture. A thorough vacuum and scrub will wipe away built up hair, paw prints and odors in the home.  If you choose to have the professionals do the job for you make sure the products they use are safe for pets.

Fresh Air. I love to open the windows and let the fresh spring air in! Doors and windows tend to be open longer in the warmer weather and pets often spend more time outside.  Be sure your pet's id tag has up to date information in case she escapes through the front door or backyard gate!

Once your house is spring cleaned and your pooch is looking "fresh as a daisy", you may want to treat her to a new designer dog collar.  

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Enjoy your pets and have a wonderful Spring!