Sunday, 31 March 2013

DIY Dog Treat Jar

Dear Pet People,

I've got a cheap and cheerful dog craft to share today.

This dog treat jar took under 20 minutes to make and cost less than $5 (fancy dog id tag not included!). 

I bought the glass jar for $2 at the dollar store, but you could easily recycle a jar you already have.

Chalkboard adhesive ($2) (to make the bone and paw shapes) and black star ribbon ($1) are also from the dollar store. Chalkboard adhesive paper is also available at craft stores, but will cost more.

Six Easy Steps 

1. Sketch a bone shape and paw print shapes onto cardboard and check to make sure the shapes will fit the size of your jar.

2. Trace the bone and paw shapes onto the chalkboard adhesive and cut out enough shapes to decorate the jar.

3. Attach shapes to the jar.  If you are using removable chalkboard paper you will be able to adjust the position of each shape if necessary. I chose to put the bone shape on the lid and paw prints on the sides of the jar.

4. Measure and cut a strip of ribbon to decorate the rim of the jar. Hot glue the ribbon into place.

5. This next step is optional, but since I happen to have extra designer pet id tags around the house, I also hot glued a red glitter paw tag to the base of the jar lid. 

6. To finish this project, use chalk to write a pet appropriate word on the chalkboard bone. I chose 'sit'. Some other suggestions are: 'treats', your dog's name, 'yum', "good boy', etc.

Fill the jar with yummy cookies and this dog treat jar would also make a terrific new puppy welcome gift or birthday gift for dogs or their owners.

Enjoy your pets,