Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Name Game: Choosing a Name For Our New Puppy

Dear Pet People,

We are about to add a new puppy member to the family!  These are exciting times and there are lots of decisions that need to be made: crates, collars, toys, beds, food, grooming equipment ....  

A sweet puppy

Most importantly, our new little guy needs a name.

We see a lot of dog names in our custom engraved dog id tag business!  I have to compliment our customers on their name choices for their furry family members, because, geesh it's hard to find the perfect name for our new dog.

"Happy" would be a great choice for this cute girl!

Some pet owners choose names that are traditionally used for people: Bella, Charlie and Jack.  Many people also seem to like names that reflect an aspect of their dog's personality: Chewie, Chaser, Howler, Princess.  Some owners opt for creative and original names for their pets and name their dogs after French poets, British beer, movie or t.v. characters.  Then, of course, names that reflect the dog's physical appearance are popular: Snowy, Shadow, Tiny, Moose.

What would you call this cutie?

We're looking for a name that will be suit both a roly poly puppy and a dignified adult; a name that's a combination of friendly, cool, cute and smart. A name that's neither too common nor too out of the ordinary. See.... it's harder than seems!

We still have a few weeks before ----- comes home. I'll keep you posted!

Enjoy your pets,