Monday, 24 June 2013

Fireworks And Dogs: 6 Tips To Keep Them Calm And Safe

Dear Pet People,

School is almost out, summer is officially here and Canada Day is just around the corner!  Canada Day (July 1st) festivities take place in towns and cities across Canada and often include parades, BBQs, kiddie events and, of course, evening fireworks.

Most people enjoy a spectacular display of fireworks!  Dogs .... not so much...

While some dogs could care less about the loud pops and bangs from fireworks, many dogs are frightened by those unfamiliar sounds.  Some dogs may bolt through doors or windows in reaction to the sounds of fireworks. 

Here are some tips to keep your dog safe and calm this Canada Day.

1. Keep your pet indoors when you know that fireworks will be going off.  
2. Keep the t.v. or radio on to provide some soothing background noise.

3. Keep doors, windows and backyard gates closed in case your dog becomes scared and tries to escape.  This is especially important if you are travelling with your dog and are away from home.

4. Be sure that your dog is wearing a collar, id tag and is micro-chipped in case he or she does escape from your care.

Canada Flag dog collar from

5. Some pet owners have found that a product called Thundershirt comforts a dog who experiences anxiety due to fireworks or thunder.

6. If this is your dog's first experience with fireworks, try to prepare in advance and remember that over comforting a dog who shows some fear may, in fact, reinforce that fear.

Wishing you and your pets a wonderful Canada Day!

Enjoy your pets,