Thursday, 13 June 2013

New Puppy Supplies

Dear Pet People,

At long last, our new puppy is coming home this weekend!  

Getting ready for him is quite like getting ready for a newborn baby. I've read some puppy training and development books, puppy-proofed the house and the backyard, organized supplies, booked the initial vet appointment, enrolled for puppy kindergarten and shopped for supplies.  
Shopping for supplies has been lots of fun!  

Here's a run-down of some of the things we've bought so far:

New puppy is going to be crate-trained, and because he's going to be a big guy, we bought an extra-large crate with a divider panel that can grow with him.  For now we will use some old blankets or towels for bedding - something that can easily be washed in case of accidents.

I got these stainless steel food and water bowls from a local store.

I find that stainless steel is very durable and I like the rubber grip on the bottom to stop the bowls from sliding while the dog eats or drinks.

Bitter Apple spray was on my shopping list.

Bitter Apple spray is supposed to prevent dogs from chewing on things he shouldn't be chewing on.  I've heard that for some dogs, Bitter Apple is merely a condiment - so we'll have to see how well it works!

Apparently the key to getting your puppy to chew on appropriate toys is to have a variety of items available to satisfy your puppy's urge to chew, so Nylabones went into my shopping cart.

I also love Kongs and bought the puppy version of this great toy.

I was first introduced to the Chewber dog toy at the All About Pets Show in Toronto, and decided to try the puppy Chewber toy.  It feels durable and yet has enough "give" that it seems like something a puppy would enjoy chewing.

Fetch toys were also on my shopping list.  I wouldn't leave this mesh ball toy alone with my dog because it doesn't feel like it could withstand my puppy's shark-like teeth, but it looks fun to chase after.

Cuddly toys are nice for puppies, too, so we picked up this stuffed goose toy.  

This goose toy comes with a squeaker inside, so puppy will only get to play with it under close supervision - the squeaker could become dislodged and possibly eaten (think obstruction) or choked on.

For now, we bought a lightweight basic nylon leash, but we decided to give our puppy a fancy collar.  The Gridlock collar by Up Country is a favourite of mine and will look amazing on our puppy!

Up Country collar from

This will be puppy's first id tag - it's cute, durable but still light enough for a puppy to wear:

Treats are a must for training and snacking!  I've stocked up on Northern Biscuits.

Zuke's dog training treats are a new product for me, but a friend who is a professional dog trainer gives them to her dog, so we'll give them a try.

Finally, I love these collapsible water/food dishes:

They squish flat for travel, have a clip to attach to a leash, backpack or handbag and are a great way to give your dog fresh water while you're on a walk.

There will more things to buy as puppy grows, but for now I think we are well-stocked! 

Enjoy your pets,


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