Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Designer Dog Collars: Practical and Pretty

Dear Pet People,

One of the first purchases you need to make when you adopt a new puppy or dog is a collar.  A dog collar is an essential part of your dog's kit; a collar is needed for training, safety and for identification.

Bee Collar by Up Country

Your dog's collar can also be a fun fashion statement!

There is a huge assortment of styles, colours, patterns, designs, fabrications, and buckle types when it comes to collars.  You'll likely hear the words "martingale, slip, quick release buckles, leather, nylon, leather alternatives, reflective, D-ring" when you begin to shop for your puppy or dog's collar.

Whichever type of collar you choose, you will want to ensure that the collar is the proper weight, length and width for your dog.

Gridlock Collar by Up Country

Puppies need a lightweight, thin collar while larger, mature dogs need something heavier to match their strength and neck size.  You may be surprised at how quickly your puppy outgrows his or her first collar!

Red Reflective Collar by Red Dingo

Once you have selected the type of collar that will be the most practical for your pet, you can focus on pretty! carries high quality designer dog collars from Up Country and Red Dingo in the latest, most fashionable designs.

Whether your dog is a little bit country ....

Bandana Collar Up Country

... or a little bit rock and roll ...

Bella Floral Collar by Up Country has a collar to match your dog's unique personality!

Up Country Dog Collars From

Up Country's ribbon dog collars are made from high-tensile strength nylon webbing which is stain and fray resistant.  Their quick release buckles are Coast Guard approved for high weight hold.  Up Country dog collars are really the ideal combination of practical and pretty!

We know you will love Red Dingo's line of reflective dog collars - perfect for those evening strolls with your dog! 

Black Reflective Collar by Red Dingo

Red Dingo reflective dog collars are made with premium nylon webbing, solid stainless-steel D-rings and their trademarked buckle bone side release buckle. Our Red Dingo collars are available in 5 fashionable colours to complement your dog's coat.

Blue Reflective Collar by Red Dingo

Once you have chosen the best collar for your dog, it's important to periodically check the fit of the collar. The collar shouldn't be too tight or too loose and it shouldn't rub or irritated your dog's skin.  Also inspect the collar and buckle for signs wear and to ensure that the buckle is functionally properly.

Have fun shopping!

Enjoy your pets,