Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Meet Our New Tag: Mischief Maker!

Dear Pet People,

Who doesn't love an adorable, impossibly cute puppy!  Big eyes, silky puppy ears, velvety soft puppy paws, sweet tummies...

It's lucky puppies are so sweet because they can really make a mess! We are recently out of the puppy stage with our dog, Jake - and not a moment too soon, really!

3 month old Jake asleep in his food dish

I know!! Precious, right! But, ohmygoodness, that gigantic fluff ball had mischief ingrained in his DNA!

I love pictures of puppy mischief - but I'm thankful I'm not the one left with the clean-up:

I'm also thankful we haven't had any shoe casualties lately:

If you have a little mischief maker, PetBling.ca has the perfect tag for you!

Mischief Maker tag from PetBling.ca

This tag is a new addition to our line of designer id tags from K9 by Igloo. It's a little bit smaller than a nickel, so it's the perfect size for puppies, smaller dogs and cats.  Our Mischief Maker tag combines fantastic durability with a cute, slightly quirky designer look!

If you share your home with a mischief maker...

... then our new Mischief Maker identity tag is the perfect choice!

Enjoy your pets!