Friday, 27 March 2015

5 Tips For Spring Cleaning When You Have A Dog

Dear Pet People,

Cleaning when you have a dog (especially a big dog who sheds) sometimes feels like shoveling during a blizzard.

I've talked before about some spring cleaning tips I use when the seasons change, but now that a very large, hairy golden retriever has joined our family, I have a few other things to add.

Matt, Towels and Baggies

Jake, our almost 2 year old golden loves long walks, mud puddles, rolling in the grass and dirt.  His big paws are magnets for all the grit and sand the city lays downs in the winter. A large mat at the front door is an absolute must, as are towels for drying the big puppy.  I use a baggie filled with water to rinse Jake's paws when he comes in from his walks.


Warmer weather means that our dogs can be brushed outside, which really cuts down on the loose hair that floats throughout the house.  A good brush out followed by a thorough bath is on the spring cleaning to-do list for our dog.  

If you bathe your dog at home, be sure to choose an appropriate shampoo formulated for your dog.  Some dogs have extra dry skin or skin allergies and need a special shampoo.

As part of your dog's regular grooming, don't forget about the teeth, ears and nails.  Also, do remember to trim the fur in between the pads on your dog's feet.  It's more comfortable for the dog and it will help to lessen the dirt that gets brought into the house.

Health Check

As spring arrives, chances are you and your dog will be spending more time outside.  Now is the perfect time to check with your vet to make sure your dog is up to date with his or her vaccinations, and that you have a plan in place to deal with fleas and ticks.

Update Emergency Information

Spring is also a great time to check that the information on your pet's id tag is up to date and legible. If your dog is microchipped, also be sure that the information on the microchip is also current.

Our friend Frankie in her pink glitter bone id tag.

House Cleaning

Many people tackle some large cleaning projects in the spring.  It's really important to keep cleaning products away from your pets, since many are toxic and harmful if licked or ingested.

If you're like me and love to throw open windows and doors to let the fresh air in, also make sure that your pet is secure and cannot escape.

Since we seem to have a lot of muddy paw prints coming through the door at this time of the year - even though Jake's paws are rinsed and dried when he comes in from outside - I have two light-weight cleaning tools I just love.  For a quick vacuum, I use an upright stick vacuum and for a quick kitchen tile mop, I use a steam mop with a disposable/washable cloth.  Both are perfect when time is tight and you just need a clean floor!

The muddy season will be over before we know it, and our dogs will be free to frolic and play outdoors and not return looking as though they have participated in some type of mud wrestling competition!

Enjoy your pets,