Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Tips For a Pet Friendly Hallowe'en

Dear Pet People,

Hallowe'en is just a little over a week away and the PetBling family is slowly but surely getting ready for the big night.

I would love our big boy, Jake, to dress in some kind of elaborate costume.  Like this...

or even this..

... but he's not having it. At all.  The most Jake will wear in the spirit of dress-up is a bandanna...

 Bandannas from
Jake wearing his Birthday Boy scarf from

... which is okay. We chose a really cute jack-o-lantern style scarf for him and he'll look festive and cute.

Jake likes Hallowe'en. He loves visitors, isn't upset by constant knocks on the door, isn't fazed by costumes or small children who want to pet him, however, not all dogs are comfortable with Hallowe'en festivities. 

I've got a few tips to help keep your dog or cat safe and more calm during trick-or-treat night:

- Pets who become frazzled by repeated knocks at the door or the sight of people in costumes and masks may be better off in a separate room with the t.v. or radio left on.

- When answering the door to little superheroes, ghouls and vampire cheerleaders, make sure your pet cannot squeeze past the kids and out the door.

- If your neighbourhood is one the goes all out with decor, spooky music and lights and fog machines, perhaps walk your dog before the evening activities ramp up.

- Moms and Dads often like to sample the Hallowe'en goodies, but be sure your furry friends can't get into the treats. I think we all know by now that chocolate is very bad for dogs. Lately I've read a number of articles talking about the serious dangers of xylitol (a sugar substitute).

- Don't keep lit jack-o-lanterns or candles within reach of your pets.

- If your pet doesn't enjoy being dressed up, let it go... I think making your pet wear a costume when they really don't want to unsettles them and sets a bad tone for the evening.

- IDs pleeeaaassse! It's a great idea to have your dog or cat wear their collars and id tags during Hallowe'en evening - even if they don't normally wear them inside. Just in case. Having up-to-date information on your pet's tags or microchip increases the chance of having him returned to you in case they escape and become lost. has some really great glow-in-the dark id tags:

 glow in the dark id tag
 glow in the dark tag

and reflective collars:

 reflective collar

I hope you all have a fantastic Hallowe'en - save some Mars bars for me!

Enjoy your pets,