Tuesday, 5 April 2016

New ID Tags: Is Your Pet An Angel or A Mischief Maker?

Dear Pet People,

Pets seem to have lots of moods, just like their human companions.

Those of us who share our homes with animals know that sometimes they can be darling little angels...

... while other times they can be completely mischievous monkeys!

Some days my own two dogs wake up and want to investigate every nook and cranny in the house and find long lost hidden treasures. While other days they are the sweetest, easiest to manage puppies ever.

PetBling.ca has two new tags from K9 by Igloo in stock that will be perfect for your little angels and mischief makers.

The Angel ID tag is sized perfectly for dogs and cats. This tag is imported from England and features pastel pink enamel with silver lettering.

The new Mischief Maker ID tag is now available in both large and small sizes. Also imported from England, this tag has crayon red enamel paint and silver lettering. 

We have found that our line of custom engraved id tags from K9 by Igloo are very durable and long lasting tags - perfect for active dogs and cats alike!

Enjoy your pets,