Friday, 4 November 2016

Dear Pet People,

This is the weekend we turn our clocks back one hour. Many people relish the idea of an extra hour of sleep, but for those of us who share our lives with dogs, that extra hour of sleep is probably non-existent! Since dogs don't tell time, they expect to wake up, potty, eat and exercise according to their own internal clocks.

Jake and Coral are go-with-the-flow type of dogs, so adjusting to the time change will likely be a non-issue for them. As well, our daily potty, feed, walk schedule tends to be somewhat approximate - breakfast is between 7 and 7:30, for example. This is an approach that allows for small, stress-free blips in their routines. 

However, some dogs may feel a bit confused to wake up, walk and be fed earlier than normal.  If you have a dog that does not cope well with change, is anxious or suffers from separation anxiety, a gradual time adjustment of their routines over the course of a week is something many animal experts recommend.

Some pet parents find that evening walks are a little more challenging - the world looks different in the dark!

Now that it gets darker earlier in the evening, you may want to consider adding some type of illumination to your dog during your evening walk. carries two styles of glow-in-the-dark designer pet id tags.

 glow-in-the-dark bone id tag

 glow-in-the-dark star id tag

These beautiful and durable id tags are designed by K9 by Igloo and imported from England. Both tags are as functional as they are pretty; perfect for the dogs who light up your life!

Enjoy your pets,