Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Coral's Gotcha Day

Dear Pet People,

We recently celebrated Coral's one year Gotcha Day anniversary, and we all can't believe we've had her for a full year! It feels as if she has been part of our family all along. Coral is a total cuddle bug, she's playful and smart and full of spunk. Jake thinks she is the best thing ever.

Having two dogs has continued to be complete joy, and I'm saying this even after a night of heavy rain that has turned our backyard into a mud pit. Golden Retrievers and mud seem to go together like peas and carrots!

We celebrated Coral's day with sweet potato cookies, a long, lingering walk through the nature trails, and lots of love, belly rubs and kisses.

Coral definitely knew she was a pretty big deal on Gotcha Day and pranced from person to person at home and in the neighbourhood, as if to share that something exciting was happening!

We've chosen a really cute new collar for sweet Coral - but it's big debut will need to wait until closer to the end of muddy season! Stayed tuned!

Enjoy your pets!